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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Get to know me

Since this is my first blog it seemed appropriate for you to get to know me!
Firstly my names Kirstin, just in case you didn't notice. I'm 18 years old and fresh out of college where I studied Beauty Therapy and then decided to do my A Levels... and dropped out.

Me dressed up
I've always had a bit of an obsession with anything that is even remotely beauty related, as I am sure that you will soon see. But ever since I was small there was one other obsession, animals. I love them, and they have always been a large part of my life. So it will be no surprise that I have a puppy! Her names Roxy and she is a German Sheppard cross Retriever, and I have to admit I treat her like a person.

 Now I wouldn't have this puppy if it weren't for another big part of my life, and that is my boyfriend Ashley. He's a best friend and a boyfriend all rolled into one.

Of course there are some random facts that I thought I'd just throw in for you. For example my dad was in the army and I was born in Germany on a British military base, weren't expecting that where you? I went through a faze of being gothic just because my childhood friend decided it was cool, and the final fun fact for you all... I used to bring stray dogs all of the time and actually thought I could create a dog shelter in my house. I'm sure my mum loved that stage!

Thanks for reading I hope you all enjoyed! I will being blogging again soon.
Good bye from me and my puppy!