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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Work Time Blues.

Admit it, everyone one has them no matter how much you love your job. Weather its dragging yourself up in the morning, the thought of a long day and even if you just really don't get on with the people that you work with. Now admittedly most of the time you just drag yourself out of it and get on with your day. But sometimes that isn't the case, I can speak from experience when I say that going to work caused me to have panic attacks, loose a lot of weight and at one stage I even had nightmares.

I'm sure that to some people this seems really pathetic, but it was honestly how I felt, obviously there where a number of reasons. One was my manager, we just didn't seem to get along and I often felt as though I was being singled out by her in front of my entire team. The second reason was my job. I worked in a call centre and spent a lot of time being told how I stupid I was and even being threatened, I know that's to be expected when you work in that kind of environment, but with everything else that was happening it made me feel really low. After six months working there I lost nearly two stone and got singed off of work for nearly three weeks. This put even more pressure on me as I was constantly being forced back to work and was not able to recover properly.

In the end I left, it was a really hard decision but I knew that whilst I continued to work there I would become more and more upset, and it was really knocking my confidence. If anyone else has gone through this I do really feel for you, it's hard and a lot of the time you get told your just to lazy, or have no motivation. So if you are going through this I thought I'd share some tips to help you get through it!!

  • Give yourself something to look forward to.
Plan something for when you finish work, the easiest days for me to get through where the ones where I had something to look forward to. It doesn't always have to mean going out. It can be something as simple as cooking your favourite meal or even having a pamper night. It will really make you think about something positive.

  • Do not clock watch!
This will defiantly make your day drag on. I know its hard when there's a clock in front of you. I used to cover up the time on my computer with a little bit of paper, this would stop me spending the majority of my day wishing it would go faster.

  • Get a good nights sleep.
There is no point in dwelling on going to work in the morning, try to relax and use this time to recover. Going in will be so much worse if you are exhausted as well, at least if you've had a good night sleep you can be more positive about the day ahead.

  • Leave!
If it is really that bad and nothing else is helping then just leave, your health and wellbeing is more important. I would recommend trying to find work before you leave, the last thing you want to do is not be able to pay any of your bills. Finding work is so much easier if your working!

I hope that this has helped! Sharing this was something that I really wanted to do because I know how hard it can be. Speak to you soon.