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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Supper dooper late post.... sorry!

I am going to start this by saying sorry, I am actually rubbish at uploading (and doing anything else really) on time. But I do think that I actually have a good reason this time! Well firstly I went to Scotland for a week, it was actually amazing. I have lots of pretty photos to bore you with, but here's a spoiler for you now. This is a dog that I met at a chainsaw craft shop. He followed me around and when I was about to leave he gave me a leaf. Such a cute doggy, I had a moment where I was actually contemplating bringing him home with me.


Excuse number two, I'VE MOVED INTO MY FIRST HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just in case you didn't noticed I am still a tad excited. I know that it was a month ago now but everything is still new to me. And what makes it even better is I have just put up my Christmas tree, I know its only November but it seemed a shame to buy a tree and put it away for a week, so I put it up.
Roxy's still unsure of the tree. As much as I love having my own house I don't want it to seem like its been all fun and games. It was hard getting this house, and when we did I felt really home sick. I think that moving away from your mum and dad, grandparents, or anyone else who you have lived with for the majority of your life, is hard. I thought the first week was the worst, but after that I realised that I would have left at some point and I was so lucky to have everything that I wanted in my life. I have my boyfriend, my dog and a house. So I am extremely lucky, and am looking forward to whatever is going to happen in the next year.